Whether you are an experienced cycling enthusiast or just want to spend a day pedaling peacefully in nature, Green Lake in Wisconsin is one of the best towns in the Midwest for bicycling. With gorgeous nature views, cute shops to stop in on your breaks, and a variety of routes to choose from, bring your favorite biking outfit and prepare for a trip that you will not forget!  

Loop the Lake

Perhaps the most famous biking route in town, Loop the Lake is a 27 mile trek in which you can go completely around Green Lake, following the perimeter. Choose your own adventure as this bike trail includes a route entirely on paved paths as well as other options that include riding on a few roads. Enjoy seeing Wisconsin’s deepest inland lake from every side and angle on this enjoyable bike route.   

Mascoutin Valley State Trail

For an exciting ride along an old rail bed, try the Mascoutin Valley State Trail. Decide how far you want to go on this out-and-back trail that from start to finish is 21 miles long and is split into two sections. We recommend hopping on the trail in Berlin, just 15 minutes north of the Greenway House, and taking the western route. You’ll travel alongside beautiful hills, farmland, prairies, ponds, and wetlands on this nature adventure.   

City of Green Lake Trail

For a shorter trip that allows you to experience the town of Green Lake, head over to the City of Green Lake Trail. Don’t worry about car traffic or needing to cross any highways on this wonderful trail through the scenic Green Lake community. It is paved and goes from the Green Lake Conference Center to North Street. Enjoy cycling through this pleasant route with your friends and family and get a feel for the charm of our city.  

Ceresco Prairie Mountain Bike Trail

At Ripon College, there is an amazing one mile loop for those who are looking for an off-road challenge called Ceresco Prairie Mountain Bike Trail. With climbs, switchbacks, and jumps, this trail is a great spot for those that want a bit of an adventure. Enjoy the dips and dives as you ride up and down the hill, covered in beautiful trees and prairie grass. Pro tip: on even days everyone rides the trail clockwise and on odd days counter-clockwise.   

Green Lake Conservancy

For a memorable off-roading adventure in nature, head over to the Green Lake Conservancy. There are a variety of conservancy lands that are open for exploration. Check out their interactive map of locations and click on the yellow markers to find the conservancy that calls to you most! For example, Sunnyside Conservancy is a classic - it weaves through woods, prairie, wetlands, and shoreline. Enjoy the fresh air and sights while you ride at the Green Lake Conservancy. 
For an enjoyable biking trip in a beautiful Midwestern setting, head over to Green Lake with your helmets in hand. And after all of that working out, relax and unwind at The Greenway House for an experience blending comfort and luxury. Start each cycling day with our famous locally sourced breakfast and you will be sure to hit the roads nourished and ready to go!